JANSEN AUTOMATIC ROLL-AWAY NESTS for Laying Birds on Floor specially Parent Stock. Up to 10 % MORE HATCHING EGGS, low maintenance cost & shorter installation time.The poultry specialists of Jansen Poultry Equipment know how important it is to have good equipment for your poultry business.

All the products of Jansen Poultry Equipment are developed with the vision to make poultry farming more effective and efficient.

- More eggs per hen. The eggs stays clean and are not damaged.
- The eggs are rolling onto the egg belt were the birds cannot reach them.
- Eggs can be collected at any time during the day.
- Less broodiness, with bird expel system, thus cleaner eggs & labour saving upto 50%.
- Removable soft matting, prevents cracks, is easy to clean & saves on nesting material.

JPE developed this new revolutionary product in cooperation with very experienced broiler specialists. The main target is to raise broilers in a healthy and clean environment in combination with a maximum use of the available floor space.

- BroMaxx has a very high bird capacity per house, 2.5 - 3 times higher than the traditional floor housing systems.
- BroMaxx has a bird-friendly flexible floor which does not harm the broilers and prevents breast blisters, leg and   wing problems.
- BroMaxx has a simple modern pan-feeding system which does not need to be adjusted and which does not spill   any feed.
- BroMaxx has a mechanical unloading system as well as mechanical loading into containers or crates.

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