CABINPLANT – world leading provider of tailor-made processing solutions for the food industry. CABINPLANT was established in 1969 and develops, produces and installs high-quality, tailor-made solutions for fish, shellfish, vegetables, berries, fruit and convenience foods as well as weighing and packing solutions for e.g. meat and poultry, confectionery, bakery, etc.

CABINPLANT developed the World's first screw feeding multihead weigher and has been granted with two US patents for the unique way of handling products on a multihead weigher. CABINPLANT's screw feeding multihead weigher is especially designed to handle sticky and wet products such as fresh poultry, beef, lamb chops, meat cubes, with or without marinade, seafood, pasta, cabbage and many more.

Meat and poultry processing The trend towards packing of fresh and frozen meat to fixed weight continues. Supermarket chains are focusing on reduced waste and optimised inventory control, and fixed weight trays contribute considerably to this. As a result, the meat processing industry needs to look for ways to reduce giveaway, cut costs, and increase efficiency in order to remain competitive. With the introduction of the screw feeding multihead weigher CABINPLANT can provide weighing, filling and packing solutions for fresh and sticky meat products such as:

- Chicken meat with or without bones
- Turkey meat with or without bones
- Beef, cubes or chops

The products mentioned can be handled with or without marinade.

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